Professional Bakeshop Skills Level 2

Fall is here and the second part of my Bakeshop Skills class has begun. The first class was basic orientation, but we did cover a basic primer on cakes for next week. The class looks like it will be another interesting and eventful 100 hours.

We were also given out certificates of completion for the first 100 hours of the course:

Spring Certificate

Here is the schedule:

Professional Bakeshop Skills Level 2 Weekly Course Outline

September 16: Orientation
September 23: Cakes: Types and Baking
September 30: Cakes: Icings and Fillings – Assembling/Decorating
October 7: Cakes: Specialty Cakes – Classic and Modern
October 14: Cakes: Specialty Cakes – Classic and Modern
October 21: Chocolate: Tasting and Tempering
October 28: Chocolate: Desserts
November 4: Field Trip: TBA (Chocolate and Cake Decorating)
November 11: Chocolate: Confections
November 18: Sugar: Desserts
November 25: Thanksgiving: No Class
December 2: Sugar: Confections
December 9: Garnishes: Candied Fruit, Phyllo, Tuille, Chocolate, Sugar
December 16: Seasonal Plated Desserts
December 23: Winter Break: No Class
December 30: Winter Break: No Class

January 6: Crepes: Sweet and Savory Crepe Dishes
January 13: Mini Pastries: Mini Pastries
January 20: Mini Pastries: Buffet Presentation (Final)

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